Caitlin Thomson


Caitlin Thomson, Owner, Pastry Chef, Baker | Cake Lady Tahoe

As a young New Yorker, Caitlin started her culinary career at the age of 14 with her first job as a dishwasher and prep cook. 19 years later, and with a formal education in fine arts, jewelry design, and culinary arts, her lifelong career has come together in harmony with her passion for food, creativity, and focus on fine quality and detail. 

Specializing in New York Italian style pastries and confections, Caitlin seeks to bring a fresh yet classic style of baking to the Lake Tahoe area. After working for many years in the fine dining industry and managing a bakery, Caitlin decided to follow her own dream to share her creations with the people of this wonderful community!

With her unique focus based on the highest quality, Caitlin sources organic, local, non GMO, pasture raised, and seasonal ingredients when and where she can to ensure a superior product. Her business approach also takes an inclusive stance, understanding that everyone has an extremely personal health journey. Cake Lady Tahoe strives to offer products for everyone's needs including gluten sensitive, vegan, and grain free.